Employee Fire Safety Training


Award winning team of professional firefighters. emergency medical technicians. We have vast experience in fire suppression, emergency action plans and life safety training for Employers Employees’.

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Protect Your Employees and Company

Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Planning.

We provide an “Emergency Action” and Fire Prevention Plans’ for Businesses and Their Employees’.

To Prevent the “Emergency!”

Employee Safety Plan
Employee Fire Safety Training California

Fire Extinguisher Training & EAP

Here, we train designated employees on fire extinguishers, their use and effectiveness on fires. 

As well as, creation of “Emergency Action Plan(s).”

Everyone, Trained in Fire Extinguishers.

We train All of your Employees in Fire Extinguisher use and actions, related to a small incipient stage fires and create a Emergency Action Plan. 

We also can provide CPR & First Aid Training and AED use.

fire extinguisher training

OSHA's fire protection standards

are performance oriented standards designed to provide the employer greater flexibility in compliance. The intent of the standard is to minimize employee exposure to hazardous situations involving fire in the workplace and to provide for fire protection equipment and services for safe evacuation or rescue of employees endangered by fire in the workplace.

29 CFR 1910.157(a) and (b) contemplate three possible choices which an employer may make to comply with the intent of the standard:

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Employee Safety Plan

Mike Vasquiz

Fire Safety Specialist (Training Director)

Over 27 years in "All Risk Emergencies", Fire Prevention, Suppression and Emergency Medical Training, and Fire Investigations

Tenneille Knight

Fire Safety Specialist (Asst Program Director)

Degree in Fire Science, 15 years in "All Risk Emergencies", Fire Prevention, Suppression and Advance Emergency Medical

Employee Safety Plan

Jeremy Savitt

Fire Safety Specialist, Advance Medical, Instructor (Program/Clinical Director)

Over 27 years in "All Risk Emergencies", Fire Prevention, Suppression and Emergency Medical P Training, CPR & First Aid and AED Instructor

Chris Mercer

Fire Safety Spec Emergency Action Plan's Writer, SPL (Plans Director)

Degree in Fire Technology, 20 years in "All Risk Emergencies", Fire Prevention, Suppression, Training, Rescue and Emergency Medical

Trusted In Safety!

Fire Extinguisher Training Fresno Ca
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