EMT Psychomotor Exam Skills Sheets

EMT Psychomotor Exam Skills Sheets

You must pass both the cognitive exam (or required CE’s for Recertification or lapsed.) and the psychomotor exam to be eligible for the EMS national and state certification or recertification. Prior to taking your psychomotor exam, kindly contact your course teacher to walk you through the means of booking your test. The reason for this is that the psychomotor exam is given by your State EMS Office, through it’s Approved CE Providers List, Like Us, Knights Fire Safety, not the National Registry. Because of this, how and where you take the test varies from state to state, but the information you need to provide should be the same everywhere.

A comprehensive checklist of each skill is provided in the PDF documents below, which are from the National Registry website. Please keep in mind that “the following performance checklists are a guide for verifying the necessary skills.” Different forms may be used by the State EMS Office or training institution.

Skills Competency Verification

Skills proficiency testing and demonstration is an integral part of the evaluation process required of EMS responders. The skill sheets provide specific detail for each EMS skill. Each sheet lists the critical criteria and specific steps to be completed for each skill. As such, these skill sheets serve as both a training guide and an evaluation instrument. Each student should have a set of skill sheets and should be responsible to maintain them and bring them to class
as directed by the instructor. You can print them below.

EMT Certifying Skills Examination Process

“Certifying Skills Examination” means the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) EMT skills examination to test an individual applying for certification as an EMT. Authority: Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 2, §100059.1. (2010)

The certifying skills examination must be passed with 80% accuracy. Knight’s Fire Safety certifying skills examination meets and exceeds the criteria presented in the NREMT’s (National
Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) Practical Examination Users Guide NREMT – Exam Coordinator Documents. These skills should not be modified.

The 11+ EMT Psychomotor Exam Skills Sheets





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