Resident and Business Fire Prevention-Protection

We Provide Wild Land Fire Prevention & Protections

With all the wild land fires, that are happening in California and have been happening, for years and are becoming more dangerous each year and devastating families and their possession. Knight’s Fire Safety is an experience Wild Land Firefighter Company, with over 12 years fighting fire in wild land fires. 

We work to prevent the fire from even consuming your properties.

  1. We cut a fire line around your home
  2. Spray a fire protective gel in the outer perimeter and by the home and structures.
  3. We will respond to any wild land fire before it hits ,to protect and prep your home for the Fire Front.
  4. We cut back all vegetation around your home and structures. 
  5. We create fire breaks and Safety Zones on Your Property as Well.
  6. We can also defend your business, land or residents (with your permission.) 
  7. Our services are all year long and we can get started today protecting and preventing wild land fires on your premises.  
Knights Fire Safety Services

Planting Water Drought Planets, Trees and Brush

Prevent Wild Land Fires, through Prevention and Protection

Launching Boots on the Ground to Better Fight Wild Land Fires

Using Technology to Help Better Track Wild Land Fires and it's Destruction

Protect Your Home
From Wild Land Fires

Do not wait for Wild Land Fires to hit, before it is to late to protect your property. We help the Home/Business Owner Protect their Land All Year Long Against Wild Land Fires, through Prevention Work to Better Protect your Properties and Structures.  

Fire Fighters
Private Fire Fighting Company

Our Team

We are a mixed bag of specialty in the wild land fire fighting, our team consist of Hand Crews, Type 1 and 2 Crews.

We believe and know boots on the ground makes things happen, so we provide the men, tools and knowledge to better protect your homes, properties and the things and people you love.