Fire Safety Training for Hotel Staff

fire safety training for hotel staff and cpr, first aid and aed training

Fire Safety Training (for Hotel Staff) is one of the most important training your Hotel Staff can have; with the most important is your guest’s safety and well being.

Knight’s Fire Safety is here to help you with that training in the Clovis/Fresno and Fresno County along with the Surrounding Areas.

Our Fire Safety Course can help your Hotel and your Employees receive above standard training to protect your asset; your guest and employees from Emergencies. Hotel Fire Safety Training and CPR and First Aid

Fire Safety Training for Hotel Staff

If your looking for “cpr class near me” then we are the company you can use for your training. We offer same day appointments and can get you completed with a valid certificate. For two years, from the date of training.

Hotels are popping up across the country, with more and more guests traveling and needing a place to rest. It is important to have your Hotel Staff well trained in Fire Safety, CPR, First Aid and AED Training; Along with an Escape Plan for everyone in your Hotel including your Staff.

Knight’s Fire Safety

Are able to create a Training Power Point for your Hotel Staff and Hotel to use in the event of an Emergency. We can train all of your staff in CPR, First Aid and AED training too. Our services can travel to your Hotel and Train in Big Group Settings, to help you manage time and money more efficiently. Does your Hotel Need a Fire Safety Training Video, We can custom create those for your Hotel as well.

Knight’s Fire Safety’s goal is to provide you, your staff and guest with the best up most safety as possible. By providing a Fire Safety Training Program for your Hotel and you are following the hotel and motel fire safety act of 1990

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