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Training Classes

Basic Wild Land Fire Fighting Courses Needed

There are a lot of Free Fire Classes online from NIMS, that you will need and NIFC can help as well, guide you and offer some of these classes, that you will need to be able to work on the fireline (Wild Land Fires)

You will need to get your CPR and First Aid Card and We have a Place so that you can take your Training at… Check outCentral Valley CPR or Your Local Company’s that offer that training. 

If you need help with anything please contact us!

All personnel filling NWCG recognized positions on the fireline must have,

• S-130 Firefighter Training (including the required field exercises);

• S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior; 

• L-180 Human Factors on the Fireline; 

• ICS-100 Introduction to the ICS; and

• IS-700 An Introduction to the NIMS (current version)

This will help you get on the fire line. You will need to take a Pack Test… Google Pack Test and you will see a agility test to pass under 45 minutes.

Check out this link On Additional information Here

Private Fire Fighting Company

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